Carnival Candy Slime


I  found  this  mushroom  at  Carderock  Park,  Maryland.  The  pink, pea – sized balls  that are on the log are the  Carnival  Candy  Slime.

Description: Mushroom: 0.5-1 mm wide, 1.5-5  mm  high, cottony – thready, reddish, becoming dingy ochre.  Stalk: dark or reddish, broadening into cuplike container above, rising from small sheetlike base, 0.5-1.5  mm long.

Season: June- November

Habitat: On dead wood mostly deciduous.

Range: Widely distributed in North America.

Look – alikes: A. incarnata is brighter red, with shorter stalk and broader, shallower cup.

Comments: Carnival Candy Slime is usually found fruiting in very dense clusters.